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YAO Haixin

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Dr. Yao Haixin

Professor in Accounting and Finance of Liaoning University

Ph.D  in Economics, Liaoning University

Master of Statistics, Shanghai University of Finance & Economy

Visiting scholar of Nijenrode University, The Netherlands; California State University, NorthridgeCSUN,U.S.A.


Research Focus:

Empirical research in accounting, M&A and Valuation, IPO Pricing, Corporate governance and corporate finance, Game theory and its application, Finance and accounting in capital market.


Papers and Publications

Achievements in special research: Has issued more than 80 academic papers, published 8 books, and accomplished more than 10 projects about above areas.



1. Haixin Yao, Zhijie Liu, 2015. Research on Equity Pricing in Foreign Investor’s M&A State-owned Enterprise.The Commercial Press, China.

2. Haixin Yao,2012,Research on the Competitiveness of Big Enterprises From the View of M&A. The Economic & Management Publishing House.

3. Haixin Yao,Zhiqiang Lu,2011,Research on the Relationship between the Board Structure and Manager’s Moral Hazard—From the View of Corporate Finance. The Economic & Management Publishing House.

4. Haixin Yao, Yuanyuan Xing 2009. The Nature of the Firm – Origins, Evolution, and Development. (translated book. Edited by Oliver E. Williamson, Oxford University Press, Inc.1993). The Commercial Press, China.

5. Haixin Yao etd, Financial Management.(2007,1st edition;2013,2se edition;2019,3rd edition). The Tsinghua University Press.

6. Haixin Yao 2001. A game theoretic analysis of economic policy. The Economic & Management Publishing House.

7. Haixin Yao etd. 1999 Cost Accounting – Creating Value for Management (translated book. McGraw-Hill Company, Inc. 1997). China Machine Press.


Journal Papers:

1. Li LuYao Haixin. Can Shared Auditors Inhibit M&A Googwill Bubbles? The Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies. Journal of Audit and Econnomics,2019(05)32-42.

2. Li LuYao Haixin. A Study on the Effects and Mechanisms of Venture Capital on the Accounting Information Comparability. Collected Essays on Finance and Economics2019(04):71-80.

3. Yao HaixinLi Lu. Can Shared Auditors Improve M&A Performance? Evidence from Chinese A Share Listed Companies. Journal of Audit and Econnomics,2018(03)29-39.

4. Yao Hai-xin, Wang Yi-ying, Wang Shu-lin. Voluntary Information Disclosure of Intangible Assets, Financial Constraints and Under-Investment –An Empirical Study Based on Data from Chinese high and New Tech Listed Companies. Journal of Northeastern University, 2018(3):239-246.

5. Sun Meng-nan, Yao Hai-xin, Zhao Li-juan. Political Connection,Strategic Choice of M&A and Corporate Value. Economic Theory and Business Management. 2017(06):19-33.

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30. Haixin Yao. A analysis of supply and demand in industry of Chinese Certified Public Accountant after China join WTO. The Chinese Certified Public Accountant, 2001 (06).


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