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LYU Liangshan

Date: 2021-06-11    Source: 

Lyu Liangshan, born in 1964, obtained a bachelor's degree from Liaoning Normal University in 1986; In 1991, a master's degree in philosophy from the Philosophy Department of Liaoning University; In 2003, he was admitted to Renmin University of China, and got his PH.D in 2006. In 2009, he went to the Philosophy Department of the University of San Diego as a visiting scholar. Currently, he is a professor, dean and doctoral supervisor of the School of Philosophy in Liaoning University, and executive member of the China Foreign Marxism Research Association.

Professor Lyu Liangshan has been engaged in the research of Marxist philosophy and foreign Marxist theories for a long time. He has presided over a number of research projects such as one key and one general project of the National Social Science Planning Fund, one social science standardization fund project of the Ministry of Education, one key bidding project of CPC Central Committee Compilation and Translation Bureau, one social science planning fund project of Liaoning Province and a number of scientific research projects of Liaoning Education Department. Translation and publication of contemporary Anglo-American Marxist classics Class and Marxism, Morality and Social Justice. He has written and published two academic monographs, Wright's Class Theory Research and Marx's James Mueller's Principles of Political EconomyAbstract Research Reader; He has also published more than 30 academic papers in authoritative domestic academic journals such as Philosophical Research, Philosophical Trends, Marxist Research, Marxism and Reality, Morality and Civilization and Jianghai Academic Journal; He has won one first prize, two second prizes and one third prize of Liaoning Provincial Government Award for Philosophy and Social Science Achievements.