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LIU Lidong

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Liu Lidong(1983- ), from Kaifeng, Henan province, China. Lecturer in department of Philosophy.


Learning and Work Experience:

2013-present, Lecturer in Department of Philosophy, School of Philosophy, Liaoning University

2010-2013, Doctor of Foreign Philosophy, School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Jilin University.

2006-2008 Master of Foreign Philosophy, School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Jilin University.

2002-2006 Bachelor of Philosophy, School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Jilin University.


Lecture Courses:

1. Undergraduate courses: History of Western Philosophy; Guide to Classical Works in Western Philosophy; History of Modern Western Philosophy; Guide to Ancient Greek Philosophy; General Theory of Philosophy, etc.

2. Postgraduate Course: Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy; Introduction to the original works of German classical philosophy.



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2. “Different approaches of individualism in Chinese and Western traditional philosophy: from the comparative perspective of Leibniz's monadism and Guo Xiang's theory of individualism”, Social Science Journal, 2013 (2).

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7. “Philosophy as Metaphysics” and “Philosophy as Dialectics”, What is Philosophy, ed., Wang Guotan, Liaoning University Press, 2015.

8. Aristotle: Organon, Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2015, trans., “Explanation”.

9. “Philosophical realm and its ways of saying”, Culture and Boundary, ed., Lu Jierong, China Scientific Academic Press, 2015.


Research projects:

1. 2014, “Possible Ways to Combine Hegel Philosophy and East Asian Thought”, Project of Center for Asian Studies, Liaoning University.

2. 2014, “Research on the View of Language in Hegel's Philosophy”, Humanities and Social Science Research Youth Project of Education Department of Liaoning Province.

3. 2017, “Research on the Ethical Life Thought in Hegel's Philosophy of Right" (L17CZX003)”, Youth Project of Social Science Planning Fund of Liaoning Province.

4. 2019, “Research on Life Theory in Hegel's Philosophy” (19YJC720018), Humanities and Social Sciences Project of Ministry of Education, China.

5. 2020, “Research on Hegel's Draft Jena System” (LJC202020), Liaoning Provincial Education Department Scientific Research Foundation Project.

6. 2020, “Research on the Ideological and Political Construction in the History of Western Philosophy”, Special project of the undergraduate teaching reform project, Liaoning University.