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ZHANG Wenxiao

Date: 2020-07-14    Source: 

Name: Zhang Wenxiao

Profession: Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

Current Position: Lecturer, Master Tutor, Institute of Public Administration, Liaoning University

Main Jobs: teaching and research work in population resources and environmental economics, natural resources allocation and social security.

Research Interests: farmland system and the welfare of the rural population

Email: zwxlnu@126.com



Zhang Wenxiao graduated from Liaoning university and received a doctorate in population, resources and environmental economics in 2017. Good at data statistics and processing, focusing on empirical research and crossover research. As the main participant, Zhang Wenxiao participated in 2 national natural science foundation projects and 2 national social science foundation projects, and presided over 1 provincial social science foundation project. Zhang Wenxiao has published 7 papers in such journals as Population Research, Journal of Quantitative and Technological Economics, Urban Development Studies and Northwest Population Journal. She is the main lecturer of the undergraduate course "western economics" and the graduate course "population, resources and environmental economics".