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WANG Yongchao

Date: 2020-07-14    Source: 

WANG Yongchao, Director of the Land Resource Management Research Center, PhD, Associate Researcher, Master Tutor.

Research direction: Urban and regional development, Land utilization and management.

Email address: wangyc@lnu.edu.cn

Personal profile

Education and work experience:

Sept.2004-June.2008, Northeast Normal University, Resource environment and urban and rural planning management, Bachelor's degree

Sept.2008-June.2011, Northeast Normal University, Urban planning and design, Master degree

Sept.2011-June.2014, Northeast Normal University, Urban planning and design, PhD

July.2012-Oct.2019, Liaoning university, School of public administration (population research institute), Assistant researcher

Oct.2019-Now, Liaoning university, School of public administration (population research institute), Associate researcher


Lecturer course

Undergraduate lectures: Public Economics, Western Economics

Postgraduate lectures: Land Administration, Land Economy and Management, Development and Management of Geographic Information system.


Research findings

Representative papers:

1.Spatial Structure of Central Places in Jilin Central Urban Agglomeration, Jilin Province, China,《Chinese Geographical Science》,Secession author, corresponding author.

2.Measuring the Effects of Land on Urbanization: A Case Study of Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone,China Land Sciences,CSSCI, First author.

3.The Research on Divided-order Effect and Development Trend of Environmental Protection Industry,China Soft Science Magazine》,

CSSCI, First author.

4.Residents' needs and countermeasures in the reconstruction of old areas,

China Land,Chinese Core Journals, First author.

5.Social problems and countermeasures of inefficient residential land in the process of urban renewal,China Collective Economy》,First author.


Representative research topics:

1.Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China(41601154):Research on the pattern of identification and redevelopment of urban inefficient land under the background of new urbanization -- a case study of Shenyang city center, the project leader.

2.General scientific research project of education department of Liaoning province (W2015180) : Social problem identification and countermeasure research of inefficient land redevelopment in resource-exhausted cities in Liaoning province, project leader.

3. Liaoning provincial social science planning fund project (L15CRK001) :Research on the characteristics of population flow and its impact on urbanization in Liaoning province in the new normal economic period, project leader.


The main idea

Mainly study urban and regional development, the coupling effect of urbanization and resources and environment, and the comprehensive development and utilization of urban and rural land, with emphasis on empirical research and cross-sectional research on regional development. In the study of land resource utilization, the concept of land resource effect in the process of urbanization is put forward and the evaluation standard and method model are established by using the research method of economics and geography. In terms of industrial development research, the hierarchical method system of environmental protection industry and its environmental and economic effects are put forward based on the distance from the pollution end and the industrial evolution trend. In terms of urban inefficient land use, a comprehensive concept system of urban inefficient land use, a system of three-dimensional evaluation method and a system of economic effect evaluation method for redevelopment are put forward.