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Date: 2020-07-14    Source: 

TANG Ying, associate professor, master tutor, land resource management research center.

 Her research interests are land economy and public policy analysis.

 She published more than 20 academic papers in both domestic and international leading journals, include “Journal of rural studies”, “Habitat International”, “China's rural economy”, “Economic geography”, “Urban issues”, etc. Those papers covered “the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land”, “the overall allocation of urban and rural construction”, “land and the test of the suitability of cultivated land labor”.

 She has been got funding from many academic founding organizations, such as “the youth program of Humanities and Social Sciences Research of the Ministry of education”, “the general support program of Postdoctoral Science Foundation”, etc.

 Now Tang Ying is teaching “Public relations”, “Risk management”, “English for public management”, “E-government” and some other courses.