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I. Basic information

ZHOU Xun, doctor of economics, assistant researcher, engaged in population and social security, social insurance actuarial, social welfare, social public policy, social work theory and practice, education and economic management.

She is now engaged in teaching and scientific research of educational economic management.

Mailbox: zhou9049@sina.com.

II. Personal Profile

Education experience:

Doctor of Economics, Liaoning University

She studied in Renmin University of China, China Foreign Studies University and Fribourg University. 

Work experience:

From 1997 till now, She has been engaged in teaching and research in the School of Public Administration (Population Research Institute) of Liaoning University. He is a doctor of economics and an assistant researcher.He is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research work such as population and social security, social insurance actuarial calculation, social welfare, social public policies, social work theory and practice, etc.

III. The main research direction

Engaged in the research on the investment and operation of social security funds, the research on the sustainable development of social economy, the research on the integration of urban and rural medical insurance, the research on the theory and practice of social work, etc.Good at using quantitative analysis methods to analyze social problems has the advantage of interdisciplinary research.Independent and participating in more than 10 provincial projects, one of which won the first prize of Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission for scientific and technological progress.

Participate in the compilation of the national backbone teaching material "International Social Security" (first edition).

Participate in international conference on social security and submit relevant articles.

In recent years, more than ten academic papers have been published in academic journals such as Social Insurance and Liaoning Economy.

IV. Lectures

"actuarial science of social insurance", "theory and practice of social work", "sociology of education", "professional foreign language", "economics of education" and other courses.