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Date: 2021-06-08    Source: 

ZHANG Ying, Ph. D. Lecturer of School of Public Management of Liaoning University, has engaged in teaching and scientific research to the fields of land resource management.

Main research fields: land use planning and management, cultivated land use and protection, urban land use.

ZHANG Ying has published several papers in academic journals such as Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, Urban Problems, Chinese Journal of Ecology, Resource Development and Market, and China Land Science. She has participated in the projects of the second national land survey, land quality geochemical assessment of the south of the Songnen plain, land use planning of Heilongjiang, confirmation and registration of rural collective land ownership in Liaoning province, confirmation and registration of rural homestead in Liaoning province, evaluation and exploitation of cultivated land and reserve resources in Heilongjiang province and so on.

Research results:

1. Spatiotemporal dynamics of land and water resources matching of cultivated land use based on micro scale in Naoli River Basin, published on Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 8th issue, 2019.

2. The co-evolution of population and land industry urbanization in China, published on Urban Problems, 1th issue, 2019.

3. Calculation and Promotion of County's Cultivated Land Productivity Based on RS——Taking Zhaoyuan in Heilongjiang Province as an Example, published on Resource Development & Market, 7th issue, 2017.

4. Spatiotemporal evolution of land use conflict intensity and its leading factors in urban agglomeration of the central and southern of Liaoning Province, published on Jiangsu Agricultural Sciences, 22th issue, 2018.

5. Spatiotemporal change and its ecological risk of landscape pattern in different spatial scales in Zhalong Nature Reserve, published on Chinese Journal of Ecology, 5th issue, 2012.