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Upcoming conference: the International Workshop on China and Global Economy to be Held at Liaoning University

Date: 2022-11-02    Source: 

Review of International Economics (RIE) is a first-class core SSCI journal of international economics, which is dedicated to publishing high-quality articles covering all topics of international economics, including innovative ideas and important contributions in other directly related fields such as economic development, trade and environment, and political economy. RIE has a significant influence in the field of international economics, and is considered as the most influential journal in the field of global international economics after the Journal of International Economics. In order to strengthen academic exchanges, the International Workshop on China and Global Economy will be held. The conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Economics of Liaoning University, organized by the Research Institute of Chinese Economy of Liaoning University, and co-organized by Review of International Economics and Jinan University.

The detailed information is as follows: